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Best Online Casino Payout Percentages

Picking an online casino to play at is no mean feat, and with the world of online gaming now bigger than ever before, there’s certainly a lot of sites to choose from. However, one of the most important things for any online gambler to consider when choosing a new casino is how that chosen site pays out. That’s in addition to features such as:

  • A great games collection
  • Good range of banking methods
  • Great onuses are essential too

Yet, the average payout percentage of a casino is arguably the best indicator of whether an online casino is worth your time.

How to Find a Casino Payout Percentage

A casino payout percentage reflects the percentage of player wagers returned as winnings by the casino, over a theoretical amount of time. These statistics are monitored by independent, external auditors, such as eCOGRA and Gaming Laboratories International, and are published online for all players to see. Furthermore, as players value transparency in online casinos, the casino itself will often feature links to these statistics on their homepage. This means that you can find out within seconds if it’s a casino you want to play at:

  1. Visit the casino of your choice and go to the homepage
  2. Scroll down to the casino footer where you should find a logo image for the independent auditor. (e.g eCOGRA)
  3. Click the image and this should link to the casino’s payout percentage report.
  4. If there is no link, simply visit the auditor’s website and search for your chosen casino’s record.

Best Online Casino Payout Percentages

If you’ve played online slots or table games before, you may be familiar with RTP rates. RTP means ‘return to player’ and these rates show the theoretical payouts of each individual game. Casino payout percentages, therefore, are similar as they are essentially how much you can expect to win back from your casino of choice. However, whereas RTP rates are worked out for specific games, the casino payout percentage looks at how all games at the site payout to all players at the site.

Here is a basic example of how a casino payout percentage is worked out:

  • Player A wagers £10 on slots and walks away with £7 (a £3 loss)
  • Player B wagers £20 on poker and walks away with £25 (a £5 win)
  • Player C wagers £15 on blackjack and walks away with £15 (breaks even)

As the casino payout percentage is worked out as an average of all the games available at the site, and all the players’ wagers, the total percentage is worked out by finding an average from everyone’s results:

  • Player A received a 70% payout (They lost 30% of what they began with)
  • Player B received a 125% payout (They won 25% more than they began with)
  • Player C received a 100% payout (They left with the same as they began with)

To work out the overall casino payout percentage, in this example, we need to add all the payout percentages together and divide by the amount of people playing:

slot payout

As you can see, this imaginary casino has a very decent payout percentage of 98.3% – we wish we could play there!

It must always be remembered that a casino payout percentage is an average taken across all players betting at the site during the assessed period. This means that some players will have won above this amount, and some below. Players, therefore, must be wary and read between the lines, as these results can easily be skewed.

Take for instance, if a player at one site won a huge progressive jackpot during the assessed period. This win would boost the casino’s average payout percentage significantly for that period, so it’s always also a good idea to look at a few payout reports over different months.

How to Read a Casino Payout Report

Here is an example of a casino payout report published by eCOGRA:

  • Here you can see the overall casino payout percentage. This is the main figure you’re looking for.
  • You can also look at what specific categories of games are paying out.
  • You should also check to make sure the report has a seal of approval from a respected audior. This proves the report is legit and can be trusted.

Best Online Casino Payout

Of course, in an ideal world the best online casino payout figure would stand at well over 100%. However, we must always remember that casinos are, at the end of the day, businesses and so to return more to players than they’ve taken would make no sense.

This is why the best casino payout percentages are usually around 90-97%. This allows the casino to turn a profit without taking an unreasonable amount from its players. As you can probably work out, if a casino does offer a 97% payout percentage, this leaves you with a 3% average loss – which can sound worrying at first. Don’t stress too much however, as this is basically the amount of money you’re willing to spend to enjoy casino games. So, for example, if you decide to play with £10, you’re paying 30p for the chance winning a much higher figure.

Although online gamblers must never play with more money than they can afford to lose, you should always be looking for casinos with a high average payout percentage as this cuts your costs down. You may find however, as you play more regularly, that it’s something worth compromising on payout percentages in favour of other casino features, such as straight-forward deposits, fast withdrawals or great bonuses.

Best Payout Online Casino UK

As we mentioned earlier, casino payout percentages in the UK are worked out by independent auditors. This means you can always trust them to be fair and honest and it also means that the statistics are updated regularly. However, it does mean that the best payout online casino is ever-changing. This is why we recommend that instead of focussing solely on payout percentages, you should also consider if an online casino is going to suit your playing style and needs.

For instance, you may be on the hunt for a casino which offers a specific software developer’s suite of games, or you may be looking for a site that’s completely mobile compatible. The fact is that these features are going to impact your casino experience far more than payout percentages, and so should be given priority. Then, once you’ve found a site that checks all your boxes, simply check out the payout percentage to see if it’s reasonable.

Best Payout Casino Online

We hope this guide has given you the confidence to go forth and investigate casino payout percentages, armed with new knowledge of what they actually represent and how they affect your casino experience. However, we also hope that we’ve shown you that casino payout percentages are actually not the be all and end all of online gaming.


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